Colon Cleansing Herbs

Let’s face it – cases of colon cancer are fast increasing and it does not spare anyone from acquiring it. However, good news awaits those who might be at risk of this deadly disease because help comes in many different ways. Medication has improved over the years and scientists are in a constant process of developing newer and more potent medicines. On the other hand, organic and herbal plants are also all over and they only need to be tapped in order to give you the best colon cleansing effect ever.

1. Harnessing the Power of Psyllium.

Psyllium may not be as common as the other herbs but it is by far the most popular in as far as colon cleansing is concerned. Abundant in India and in some European countries, psyllium seeds have the power to strengthen the linings of the intestine as well as to produce more fiber that will cleanse it. Thanks to its mucilage. This special fiber which is distinct in this herb is excellent in terms of water absorption which eventually makes the digestive tract swell until the stools become bulkier resulting to contractions that will trigger bowel movement. The key to its effectiveness is taking these herbs with plenty of water.

2. The Heart of Rhubarb.

Known for its ability to relieve a person from diarrhea, rhubarb is also known for its ability to decrease colon inflammation. No wonder, this herb has been used by the Chinese for a long time already. Thanks to its rich anthraquinones content. This compound is very effective and is even used as a colon cleanser by many Chinese because of its astringing and purgative properties. Accordingly, rhubarb roots flushes out fecal matters that have build up and became impacted.

3. The Truth about Cascara Sagrada.

Very popular among the Native Americans, cascara sagrada also contains anthraquinones. This very powerful herb has the almost the same qualities as that of laxatives making bowel movement a lot easier. Likewise, it triggers bile production which also works to hasten the flush out of toxins in the body. Since this herb only grows in certain areas, some pharmaceutical companies have come up with an idea of making them into tablets or capsules.

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