How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

Just like any other type of condition that is triggered by many factors, genital warts can be easily avoided. In fact, one need not be vaccinated in order to be protected. Instead, practicing proper hygiene will do the trick. You see, most women who have these warts have to struggle with a lot of embarrassment. It will also hinder them from enjoying certain things. Worst of all, the condition can trigger to more complications and abnormalities.

1. Practice Safe Sex And Good Personal Hygiene.

Genital warts can be easily transferred from one person to another through unsafe sex. As what they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Similarly, by practicing safe sex, you are decreasing the likelihood of acquiring these warts. If you are not sure about your partner having these warts, use condoms as these will prevent the bacteria that causes them from transferring. Observe personal hygiene too. Warts thrive in areas where they have something to feed on. For most women who experience discharges, the possibility of warts to develop is very high. Thus, keep your genitals dry as much as possible. You may also use feminine wash to restore your vagina’s pH balance.

2. Effective Natural Remedies.

There are herbal remedies for genital warts that you might find very useful. Among them is garlic. This plant has been known for its many therapeutic qualities that treating your warts with these is very effective. Its juice is strong enough to tear off these warts. Accordingly, mixing the juice with olive oil and applying it directly to the warts will give you permanent relief after days of treatment wherein warts will fall off on its own.

3. Surgery And Other Clinical Procedure.

Genital warts that are no longer possible to be removed by using natural remedies may be done through a wart removal procedure. This is done as an out-patient procedure and results are seen in less than an hour. Other doctors use some kind of a medicine or an ointment that will instantly remove the warts. However, it is best to consult your gynaecologist if what makes a good treatment.

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